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Here at Sickspansary Store, We are dedicated to hunting down the world’s finest collection of true cannabis and making it accessible to you our beloved cannabis community.



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Sickspensary Store has everything you can need. simply visit our shop and choose from our large collection of sickspensary products. We also have in our collection Astro pink menu. select the one that’s best for you and place a mushroom.


AtSickspensary, They are dedicated to hunting down the world’s finest collection of true cannabis, and making it accessible to you their beloved cannabis connoisseurs! with their team, having gained profound knowledge and experience being at the consumer end of the cannabis market for decades. They trulyunderstandwhat it is like to be overpromised and underdelivered.

Asuch s, They have vowed to shift the current  cannabisparadigm of distribution in the market saturated with mid-level cannabis sold as true quad cannabis. One can easily be misled, as such, it is Sickspensary duty to not only supply you with the best cannabis but also show you its magical powers.


100% Oreginal

We are dedicated to hunting down the world’s best finest collection of cannabis and making it available for you our beloved customers. We have been in the cannabis market for so long and our customers have testified after enjoying this collection of cannabis. It has been our duty to supply you with the best flowers and also to guide you and give you a deeper understanding of the magical powers.

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Sickspensaary shop the best i have seen so far. Your products are what you say they are. Real weed here.


– Victor Califer

Absolutely caked in crystals, tight dense buds, beautiful hues of blue, green, pink and orange complimented by a pungent sweet gassy aroma.


–  Novak Gracine.

Got my flowers, thanks for the help and honesty


– Vidal Makuater

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Sickspensary Menu

The Jefe Pack
Blue Sapphire
Hawaiian Runtz
Blue Gushers
Vanilla Runtz
Raskal OG
Alien Cookies
Ice Cream Pink
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Astro Pink Menu

Pink Kush
Quad Kings
Wagyu Pink
Pine Star Pink
Harmonized Hemp
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